Thursday, August 9, 2007

Another set of templates up!

I've got another set of templates up in the Scraphead store. Check them out:

You can pick them up here.

They are similar to the 8x8's, but not all are the same. These are the LO's I used to make my vacation album. You can see them here, here, here and here.


Today was a normal type day. I didn't manage anything quite so productive as cleaning today. But it can't happen every day. I did get some more templates done. I'm working on getting a bunch of 12x12 packs up in the store, but I have to make them first. I had finished one and had clicked the save button, the little gray bar was scrolling across the bottom of the screen when my power went out. Urgh. It didn't save. Luckily it was a past LO I was converting to a template so it won't be too much work to redo it.


We went to Walmart this evening to get a baby seat for our second bike and bike helmets. That way we can all go biking together. Unfortunately, after spending quite a bit of time trying to put it together in the oh so hot garage, Anton determined that it wasn't going to fit on the bike. So we'll either take it back, or try and get a longer bolt for the part that isn't fitting. I was so excited to go on a bike ride too. Oh well, it'll just have to wait.


I've been reading a couple of books lately, both of which are pretty good. One is The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry. It's kindof a Davinci Code type book, which I like. Secrets and puzzles and a religous cover-up to unveil. I'd read another of Berry's books in the past, The Amber Room, and it had too much vulgarity in it for my tastes, but this one hasn't been bad.

The other book I'm actually listening to while walking. It's my motivation to get me to go. I'm only allowed to listen when I'm exercising. This one is Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer. I think it's a young adult fiction, but it's and interesting story. A comet has hit the moon and knocked it into a closer earth orbit and everything is in chaos. It's about how this girl and her family survive it all. Makes you think about what you would do in like situation. It's interesting enough to keep me walking.


So enough book reviews and rambling for one night. Good night!

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