Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A New Adventure

So, it's been a while.  I haven't had any desire to blog for quite a while, and honestly I still don't have much motivation to do so.  But on the off chance that anyone reads this in order to keep up with our lives, I thought I'd give a quick run-down on events around here.

So ever since the kids were transferred from their good school to a not so good school back at the beginning of the year, I've been eyeing homeschooling, but just kind of slantwise out of the corner of my eye.  But when Ella came home from school last week with lice, I decided I was done.  (By the way, I think lice has to be the MOST expensive "sickness" I've ever had to get rid of.  Electric bill was off the charts from all the laundry we had to do, plus all the special lice combs and shampoos, etc., are all crazy expensive!!  We probably spent more than when Ella got her tonsils and adenoids out.)

So yesterday was the kids first official day being homeschooled.  I've just been making things up as I go along for now since I'm trying to get them into a homeschool charter school that will buy all of our curriculum for us and pay for the kids to do an extracurricular activity as well.  We've been talking about Chinese New Year and playing lots of math and reading computer games.  I still have some kindergarten level stuff from when I was doing preschool with Alex, so we've been using that.  Ella has a couple of those summer bridge type workbooks that we do some pages out of each day.  And that's about it for now.

For some reason I expected home school to go something like this: Get up, eat breakfast, do school for a few hours until done, have lunch, play!  But in reality it goes more like this: Get up, eat breakfast, do some school, change the laundry, do more school, take a shower, do more school, have lunch, do more school, change the laundry, do more school, run to the Dr., do more school, go to the library, etc., etc.  Life sure does get in the way of doing school.  But it is nice to have a couple slaves around all day.  They folded laundry today, emptied the dishwasher yesterday.  I'll have them fully chore trained in no time!

On the job front, Anton is still employed.  That's about it.  He failed his training here in Oakland, so he has to transfer somewhere else or be fired.  He found a few places that will take him, but they can't hire him until he's a permanent employee.  He won't be a permanent employee until next month sometime.  So paperwork has been stalled until he hits the year mark, and then all will be well.  It looks as though he will transfer over to Palo Alto, so we won't have to move.  We've been really lucky with this whole thing, since a friend of his who failed out of training in Houston was escorted out of the building the afternoon he failed.  So for Anton to still have a job over a month later is somewhat of a miracle.

So that's how things stand around here.  No promises that you'll see an update from us anytime soon.  I would love to say we'll document our homeschool adventures, but I've come to recognize my limits, and consistent blogging is one of them.  :)