Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fastest Computer in the South

Ok, so it's probably not the fastest, but having upgraded from 512MB of RAM to 1GB sure seems fast to me! I'd been wanting to upgrade for a long time and had just been waiting for the right deal. Finally one popped up where I could get the 1MB for $36 and I purchased away. I had to wait longer than I wanted because my computer takes DDR not DDR2 which is the more popular kind of RAM nowadays. But all came out well in the end. And now my computer is super fast. It leaves me needed something to do because I don't spend all my time waiting for files to open anymore!

We were really bad tonight and went out to dinner again. It was just too hot to even think about cooking at home. We went to this little Italian place I had been eyeing. It was a little hot and stuffy in there, but the yummy food totally made up for it. I got spaghetti with a white clam sauce, Anton got the Tour of Italy with lasagna, chicken parmigiana, and manicotti, and the kids shared a penne with marinara and a meatball. So good.

Then we headed over to Wal-mart to get me some sleeping drugs. I'm tired of not sleeping well and I'm tired all the time. I'd tried using melatonin, but I'd gotten too high of a dose. So this time I got a smaller dose, and also a regular sleeping drug. I'll try them both (separately of course) and see what I think. Hopefully there will be sweet dreams and energized days from all this!

I don't have any pictures or pages to show today. My mind has been so numb from lack of sleep that I can't think to create. I have been working on more templates, but still haven't decided how to package them up. But I hope to get some 12x12's in the store soon.

So I guess that's it for today! Have a good one!

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