Monday, August 6, 2007

Where do they get it?

Kids that is. Alex had been so funny today. We have this purple backpack that a baby doll came in and well...this you just have to see:

(No fancy editing on the photos, sorry!) He literally wore it all day long except when he was eating or sleeping. If we took it off him he would bring it right back over and ask for it to be put back on. He wore it while reading:

He wore it while playing outside:

Even if that meant he had to sit sideways in the car to fit in:

What a goof! If he keeps this up I'm going to have to go buy a nice manly backpack, 'cause I just can't have my little boy walking around with a purple backpack on! Maybe this has something to do with the pink sheet on his bed. Hmmm. Maybe I shouldn't be so cheap and should go buy him some boy sheets for the crib. Or not. But he is just SO CUTE!! See:

He makes me laugh everyday.

Now Ella, not so much laughing today. We've been having a problem lately when she has to go to the bathroom. She'll get all the way into the bathroom then just stand there and pee all over. Actually it's not always in the bathroom, our carpet hasn't been so luck either. So today I got fed up and put a diaper on her. She was so mad at me. She kept throwing crusty looks my way. But she got over it soon enough. I hope this doesn't cause her to regress. What a terrible mom I am! :o)

Today I scrapped a page that I swapped with Andrea for the ADSR. We had to place our pictures and title the way we wanted it then send it to the other person for embellishment. Here's what I did with hers:

This is how it came to me...

And this is what I did to it...

This was a fun challenge.

Tonight for Family Night we talked about gratitude. Then we did something we should have done ages ago. We wrote thank you's for everything from Christmas on! How terrible is that! It has unfortunately become a bad habit for me to not send out my Christmas Thank You's until July or so. At least they are getting sent, right?

Anyways, enough rambling for tonight. Anton kept me up far too late last night finishing Harry Potter so tonight I need to get to bed at a decent hour. Have a great night!


miraDesigns said...

Haha, Alex is so cute wearing that backpack! And the pic of him sitting sideways in the car wearing it is just too funny! :D And great job finishing that lo for the ADSR challenge! The challenges just seem to get better and more innovative all the time.

AndreaT said...

I just love Alex!! He is so cute! I love the pic of him sitting sideways in the "manly" car!! LOL!! That is just too funny!! Now the Ella thing, man girls are hard to potty train!! And I really love my page!! Can't say so much for yours, :( sorry!!