Monday, June 18, 2007

A Plethora of LO's.

So it's raining outside, which means I'm stuck inside on the computer! (Not that I would've gone outside anyways since I hate heat too.) I've done more vacation LO's but first I want to show off the LO I got done last night:

I used Kate Rietz's American Dreams kit available here at Scraphead. That kit has the coolest realistic elements. Check it out.

I was actually productive this morning before the rain started. I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed my kitchen/dining floor. Lots of back breaking fun. It desperately needed it though. Now I can ignore it for another month or so. :o)

Alex is not doing so well today. He woke up cranky and crying with snot flowing everywhere and a fever. I've drugged him, but he just keeps fussing. Poor kid. But he walked today for the first time!! He's taken random steps here and there before, but today it was a full sequence of 5 steps in a row on purpose!! I don't have pictures because the camera wasn't handy. I'm sure I'll get some later.

And to end this, I promised a plethora of LO's, and I always keep my promises. Here are the rest of the vacation LO's that I've gotten finished up to this point. I'm just under halfway done. I think when I'm all done I'm going to turn them all into templates and maybe give them away as a freebie? We'll see. But here they are:


smplgrl said...

wow lots of layouts look great! what size are those? Just curious...and nosy.

Chels said...

LOVE that 1st lo!

JennStar said...

Great LO's!!! And looks like I just missed you- my family went to the Magic Kingdom on the 8th!!! We saw the shuttle launch from the wishing well by the castle! LOL!!