Saturday, August 4, 2007

A hazy, lazy day.

Today I had fuzz in my brain. I couldn't think clearly and my creativity was nil. This last bit is concerning since I have 2 scrapbook pages that I have to have done before tomorrow at midnight. Otherwise, Andrea will beat me up for disqualifying us for the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race. I spent a lot of time today in front of the computer trying to force creativity through the muck in my head. Only after secluding myself in the closet for a bit (we have a very large, dark closet) and taking a bit of a nap was I finally able to feel more like myself.

We babysat tonight, for the people who babysat for us last night. They have one little girl who is a bit on the shy side. What's funny, is she only wanted Anton. Most little girls are not like that. But it was fine with me because it was so hot in our house I would've died if I'd had to hold her as much as Anton did.

I ate ice cream twice today. Shame on me. But thanks to a few people who mentioned the absolute goodness of Blue Bell ice cream, we are now addicted to their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Oh my. It is fabulous!!! There is so much cookie dough in this stuff that it is nearly impossible to scoop out of the bucket. You hit so many chunks while scooping! Ummm.

But we really didn't do much else today. We were going to go somewhere, but we couldn't think of anything worth doing in the heat and I was feeling the pressure to complete my pages so we stayed home. I did manage to get 2 pages done, finally, tonight. But only one of them is one that is due tomorrow. The other was supposed to be, but it didn't end up that way. But here is what I've done:
This is for another one of the ADSR challenges. We had to scrap about something we were taught that has stayed with us our whole lives and that we want to pass on, or something like that. It took me a long time to think of something other than tying my shoes, which really isn't terribly applicable since I wear flip-flops all the time. Finally, while trying to sleep the other night this came to me.

Here is the page that went astray:

Credits here.

It was meant to be a messy, cluttered LO, also for ADSR. But after getting to a point I just couldn't add anything else to it. So there is stands and I'll have to scrap more tomorrow.

So I guess that's it for today. Except I forgot to mention, we got an external hard drive and it came in the mail yesterday. I spent a good bit of time getting that set up and going today. We had to dig out another power strip since the one under the desk is completely full. As if 2 printers, speakers, subwoofer, a monitor, computer, modem, router and lamp isn't enough!

Good night!


Krystal Hartley said...

I understand about creative block and deadlines! I work well under stress, but I think it adds weight! ;)

Looks like you plunked through it just fine though.

-eVa- said...

Congrats on your new HD! It's so much fun to have one - moooore scrap stuff *hehe*

Great new LOs! Love them!

Stephanie said...

LOVE the pages. Wish we had been there to have fondue with you guys, that sounds like so much fun. It's things like that that make me miss Florida a little bit. Tell everyone hi for me. And I just love reading your blog and seeing your awesome pictures and pages. You are my inspiration. ;)