Friday, August 3, 2007

I am Spam.

So for some reason Blogger marked my blog as SPAM!! I wasn't able to get on for a couple of days while they came and checked to make sure everything was OK. Sheesh. It's not like that many people came and downloaded my freebie template. But due to these unforseen circumstances there is a lot to catch up on. So hold on to your seat, 'cause here we go!

We have to travel back in time to last week. On Friday Anton had the day off so we headed down to the beach. This is only the second since we've been living here that we've actually gone to the beach to swim. It was strange, though, because there was no breeze. A beach without a breeze just isn't right. The water was also practically as warm as the air. So much for cooling off. I left Anton to fend for himself with the kids in the sand and I spent my time floating on my back in the nice water. There were hardly any waves so I could almost pretend I was in a pool. But I did manage to get some fun pictures, taken with my Canon PowerShot since there is no way I would take my DSLR to the beach.

I've learned the beauty of the fill flash. Ella's face would have been black without it. Isn't she so cute?

Anton just kickin' back and enjoying the view.

Bubby sure does like the sand, especially to eat it. Yum. Though I must say, cigarette butts are his favorite.

We finally managed to get Ella to play in the water. She loved it!

So as if a Friday full of adventure wasn't enough we decided to venture out on Saturday too. We went into town to check out a couple of museums. The first was one about the history of when the town was settled. On the top floor they have what they called a "children's museum" but that was a bit of a stretch. It did have a little frontier type town and Ella and Alex had fun playing.

Ella spent most of her time pretending she was the general store keeper. She sure did love that plastic food!

When that got old she headed over to the ship to swab the decks. I need to let her play this at home. :o)

They also had a military fort and Alex thought that was really cool.

After all that fun we headed over to the art museum. Um, I think I have more art on my living room walls then this museum did. It was a bit disappointing, but what did I expect to find when looking for culture in the south?

On Sunday we did the usual. There was a really orange sunset and I grabbed the moment to snap a few pictures.

This little girl can be so cute sometimes!!! It almost makes up for all the crazy she pulls the rest of the time.

It didn't really look that cool, but with a little help from Photoshop I can always pretend!

And here are 2 of my 3 favorites hanging out in our Mexican hammock chair. So fun!

On Monday night we had some friends over and we had a chocolate fondue feast. We hadn't pulled out the fondue pot in ages! We dipped brownie bites, strawberries, graham crackers, and marshmallows. We were so stuffed! But it was so fun. If it weren't for all our kids needing to go to bed we probably would have stayed up half the night. Good fun!

This week Anton has been doing the spin chair. He got sick on his flight Tuesday and has spun Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. He got sick on one of the spinning days too. He'll spin again Monday and then see if he's ready for a flight. They will keep spinning him as long as they need to, within reason. We're keeping our fingers crossed for that 90% success rate.

Tonight Anton and I got to go on a real date. We ditched the kids with our fondue friends and ran. We went and saw The Bourne Ultimatum. It was really good. Pretty much a continuation of the second. Same filming style and such. It ended well. Then we headed over to a Japanese Steak House. What we didn't know and were pleasantly surprised to find out was that it was a hibachi grill. But that didn't stop me from getting some sushi too. Yum. The guy who was cooking our food was digging on me. He was giving me twice as much food as everyone else. Maybe it's because I was so adept with my chopsticks. All I know is I ate more than one person should humanly be able to and we still brought home a styrafoam box FILLED with rice and noodles. Ugh. I had to roll to the car. But it was good. Especially the sushi. I love sushi. The rolls more so than the flop of fish on rice. We got a Philadalphia roll tonight, avocado, cream cheese and salmon. Yum. Ok, now that I've wiped the slobber off my keyboard time to move on.

I've been in a scrap slump this week, but finally managed to get a page done today. It's only a month after the event portrayed, so I guess I'm not doing too bad. Here 'tis:

Credits here.

I used Retrodiva's True Romance kit from Digital Freebies. And since I've been in a slump, this page was completely scraplifted from a LO by Mellette Berezoski in the Nov 2005 CK. But I like it nonetheless.

I think that should do it for tonight. Tomorrow I really hope to get another page done, and maybe clean some of the house. It's in desperate need of a declutter. But we'll see! Good night!


susan said...

Your photos are absolutely wonderful - such very cute kids!! Hope you got some of you too!

Kara said...

great photos-your whole family is beautiful! U did a great job with the lighting on the beach (I always get the dark faces so thanks for sharing why!) the layout too!

AndreaT said...

Love those photos of ella!! I might need you to send them to me so I can scrap a pink an purple page. Love the Alex birthday page!!!