Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Another day, the first dollar.


I have been going walking for 1/2 and hour every evening after the kids go to bed and I'm really starting to see a difference in my energy levels. Today this caused me to sweep and mop my kitchen floor. Those who know me well know this is a miracle, since I hate to clean. But when I actually have the energy it's not as bad.


I've really caught the design bug and have been making new templates left and right. A new set should be up in the store at Scraphead soon. I'll let you know when and what! I've also started on another project with the fabulous Minna Rajala that I should be able to announce soon too. So many fun and exciting things!

"""""Today's Activites"""""

We made an attempt to go to the pool this afternoon. We wanted to go to the big pool on base so Anton and I could take turns swimming laps, but for the life of us we couldn't find our goggles. The kids like to play with them and have secreted them away somewhere. I was so frustrated. So intead of going to the big pool we decided to just go to the little kiddie pool that's closer. No sooner had we got there and got all settled in the water when thunder was heard in the distance. Which of course means we all had to get out. We didn't even bother to wait around we just headed back home. Now I'm glad we didn't find the goggles because we would have driven much farther only to have to turn around and come home. Blessings don't always come like we expect. I just hope now we can find the goggles.

We also went out to dinner tonight. We went to a little cafe that used to be a gas station. Most of the tables are outside, but at 100 degrees I had no desire to sit out there. So we grabbed one of the 6 inside ones. There was one other guy in there eating alone and he struck up a conversation with us about how the government is failing us and so on and so on. We were polite but didn't drag out the conversation. Our food arrived and we set in to our food. After this man left the waitress came up and told us he had picked up our check!! Now I feel so bad that I was annoyed with him talking to us and I wish I could thank him somehow. Isn't that so cool? It's something you only hear about in movies and such. Of course we celebrated by getting desert. Yum. The food there was really good.

I had to rush straight from there to a meeting for church. Nothing too exciting there. Then my evening walk and now on the computer for some more designing! Though I just looked at my clock and realized it was much later than I thought. Tomorrow should be a laid back day since Anton will have the car at work all day. Hopefully the kids will be sane tomorrow. Sorry I didn't have any fun pictures or LO's for you tonight. I'll make up for it soon, I promise!!

And as for the first dollar mentioned in my title, my templates have already sold! Too bad I can't get that first dollar to put in a frame on my wall like a restaurant!

Good night!


Caroline B said...

Congrats on becoming a designer. Your templates are great!

Stephanie said...

How fun that you are officially a designer! As soon as I get my own computer (a week from today!) I will definitely purchase your amazing templates. I love them. And I'm so glad you went to that little cafe--I always wanted to go there but never did.