Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunny, HOT, Sunday

It was so hot today. It's 8:40 at night and the air conditioner is still trying to catch up. Yuck. Luckily the only time I had to be outside was walking to and from the car to get to church and back.

Alex threw up on me in church. Such fun. I had to control my gag reflex the rest of the time 'cause I stank!! Other than that church was the usual piano playing and such.

I managed to finally get the other LO done that was due today. Here it is:

Lots of credits on this one, since it was a challenge for the ADSR and we couldn't use more than 2 things from any one designer. So to see the full list go here.

Anton has been plowing his way through the last Harry Potter. I'm dying for him to finish so we can talk about it. I've had to keep my mouth shut for a week now! Such torture.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to get my blood sugar tested. I've been incredibly tired all the time lately and just need to rule out some causes, bad blood sugar being one. I had to fight with a nurse to get it scheduled, though. I told her that I'd had gestational diabetes with both my kids and I know what high blood sugar feels like. She asked how old my kids were and I told her, and she responded, "Well, you deserve to be tired!" So since I have 2 small children I'm supposed to be tired all the time. Incapacitatingly tired. Can't move off the couch tired. Yes, that's normal with 2 kids. Sheesh. I hate when people talk to me like I'm stupid. After a bit more persuasion she finally scheduled me the appointment. We'll see what comes of it. I don't know what I want to results to be. High blood sugar will at least explain the exhaustion, but then that means diets and such. Regular blood sugar and that means I'll have to hunt down another cause for the tiredness. Lose, lose I guess.

I have quite a bit on the schedule this week, so hopefully I can stay busy and out of trouble. Have a great night all!

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miraDesigns said...

Love, love, love that layout of Alex! I hope your test was fine and that they'll find the reason for your tiredness. BTW, could it be your hemoglobin?