Saturday, June 16, 2007

A fun weekend, so far...

Usually we just sit around, but this weekend has been really fun! On Friday afternoon I went and got my hair cut and highlighted, in anticipation of going on a hot date with my hubbie. Here's the new do:
You can't see the highlights too well in the picture, plus they are really subtle anyways. I like it. I feel like such a weight was taken off my head, even though she only cut off 3 inches or so. I feel much less frumpy too.

For our hot date Anton and I went out to dinner at a restaurant called Chet's. It's a fried seafood place and was surprisingly good! We got a marinated grouper and some popcorn shrimp and lots of side. Yum. We were so stuffed. Then we got the kids from the sitter and came home and put them to bed. Then to conclude our date we finished off the last disk of Alias. The ending was so disappointing. It seems like they were gearing up for another season and then all of a sudden found out they were being cancelled and had to wrap everything up in a hurry. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. Now we'll have to find another show. Maybe 24 or Lost. We'll see.

Today we attempted to assemble Ella's kitchen that we got for her birthday. Around step 3 we discovered that we were missing a few doors and couldn't continue assembling without them. So I emailed the company and hopefully they'll get here soon because Ella keeps talking about making pancakes! Here's the kitchen we got:

It's got all the accessories of the more expensive kitchens but was only $38 from etoys. The catch is you have to pop all the pieces out of the molded plastic sheets and assemble it yourself. I'm a do-it-yourself kindof gal, especially when it saves me half the cost of the other kitchens.

Anyways, this afternoon we went and saw the movie Surfs Up. It was really cute and really funny. Very kids friendly and adult friendly too. It's made kindof like The Office, where they follow people around and have interviews interspersed throughout. We all really liked it. You should see it if you've even half thought about it, or even if you haven't!

Is this post long enough yet? No? OK good, because I want to show a couple more of my vacation album layouts:

This is the intro page to our day at Magic Kingdom.

Oh, the terror that is Mickey Mouse (according to Ella).

The way our kids spent their vacation.

There are other things I could ramble about, but I think this is long enough. If you made it this far you must be related to me, no one else puts up with me this long. :o)


Monique said...

Those are wonderful layouts! You gotta love Mickey! And your hair looks great! The cut looks wonderful and the highlights lighten things up and add dimension... great 'do! have a great day!

Melissa said...

Absolutely love your layouts, very cool. Great haircut, I love the way hairdressers always do such a great blowdry.

miraDesigns said...

Your new hair style is really pretty! I've been thinking about getting a haircut for half a year now as well so maybe I'd just have to do it.. :) Ella's kitchen is looking fun too! If I still was a little girl I'd love to play with it. ;) Great job on the new LOs too!

Sara said...

I love your new hair style! Those Disney layouts are awesome! I can't wait until we go and I can scrap some!! The weekend was fun, and yes, I love Cold Stone. The closest one to us is Destin {which is still a hike!} Hope you had a great weekend!

Andrea said...

Love the hair cut!! I really love the picture of Alex in the stroller totally smiling!! Too cute!!