Saturday, August 11, 2007

Swimming and Biking

Today was full of physical activity. This morning we went over to the pool and Anton and I took turns playing with the kids while the other swam laps. I haven't swum laps in ages and my body was letting me know. But I did manage to go for 30 minutes. I need to do it more often.

Later on Anton finally got our new baby bike seat attached, after having to make a run to the hardware store for a new part. So we loaded up the kids and went for a ride around the block. Since I was riding I couldn't exactly take pictures, but I did get this one of Alex before we left.

He's so cute in his little jungle animal bike helmet. He wasn't so sure about being on the back of a bike. But I don't think I would be either.

We did make a trip to the library today. This county has the most pathetic library system. I always go with hope of finding a good book, only to leave empty handed. Sigh. Today I was in the mood for a good magazine, but unless I wanted People or Newsweek I was out of luck. I've been spoiled by good libraries everywhere else I've lived.

So that pretty much covers the day. I've been working on more templates to put in the shop and haven't done any scrapping. Tomorrow I will though, so stay tuned!


miraDesigns said...

Oh, I've never been able to swim longer than for 10 minutes so half an hour sounds pretty good to me.. :) It's good excerise so I think I should take swimming lessons or something to be able to do it.. ;) And Alex's helmet is really cute, and yes, so is Alex in it.. :)

Stephanie said...

I had no idea that amusement park even existed. You guys are good at exploring. By the way, I absolutely ADORE your camera practice page. I might scraplift it, if I EVER get my computer back!! GRR! And I know what you mean about the ultimately lame Milton library. Sorry. At least you have Photoshop. :)