Monday, August 13, 2007

New Products in the Scraphead Store!

So I have 2 new things up in the store at Scraphead. Well, actually, one is only partially mine, but I helped with it. So first up is a set of quick pages I created using Minna Rajala's In the Shade of the Woods kit.

You can find them here.

These were so fun to make! It's so different to make a page without having to take into account photos! It was a lot easier than a regular page!

And here is the second item for the day:

You can find them here.

I made an add-on set for these because I know when I did my vacation albums I needed more than 20 pages! So these are for those of you who take LOTS of photos on vacation.

I hope you like them!

In other scrapping news, I found a website where you can view Digital Scrapbooking Magazine for free. See theAugust September issue here. And the previous one here. This is on their own website, so it's not stolen or anything! Gotta love that!

You can also get a pack of 50 DVD's (perfect for backing up all your scrapping files) at Office Depot right now for $5!! You have to order them online but do in store pick-up. You won't see the $5 price until you change delivery to in-store pickup in your cart. Find the DVD+R's here and the DVD-R's here. This little deal was found on


On the home front, Anton had a puke free flight today!! That's a really good thing. The only bad side was he had to be on meds to make it happen. He can only do 3 more flights on the meds, then if he isn't better, we probably have to say goodbye to military aviation. We've accepted that and are ready for whatever might happen. We just don't know what we'll do if we do separate.

Other than that today was the usual blah day.


michellewaite1 said...

Cute kits. My youngest gets motion sickness and it is horrible to deal with. I hope it gets resolved.

Janeal said...

Love your kits. The templates are great! Thanks for the heads up about the DVD's I am always in need of those. I am going to go and look at the scrapbook magazine in a minute.

I am sorry to hear about Anton. That is difficult when you know there is a big change about to happen in your life. Good luck!

miraDesigns said...

Hurray for our quickpages! :) And thanks for telling about the link to Digital Scrapbooking Magazine! That was great to know! And I really hope all goes well with Anton!