Friday, August 10, 2007

The Fun Park

Tonight we decided to brave the heat and get out of the house. We decided to give an amusement park in town that we had heard about a try. It's more like a permanent carnival and also has a water park, but we didn't take our swim suits this time. Of course I took my camera to document the outing for all to see!

First I made Anton ride this nice spinny ride with Ella. It went really fast and neither of them liked it. I wonder why Anton didn't? Maybe because he had already gone and spun like a mad man earlier in the day? Yeah, we hadn't thought about that. Sorry Anton! So I got to do the rest of the rides.

Alex really wanted to ride the spinny ride. :(

Next up was the carrousel. This is Ella's absolute favorite ride of all time. She loves the horsies.

Alex really wanted to ride that one too. :(

Next up, driver's ed for Ella. She loved this ride too. Much slower than that other spinny ride.

Then we headed over to the little train they had to take a ride.

Ella loves trains too. If she wasn't so cute she wouldn't get away with half the stuff she does!!

Then the horsies again. (Or in this case a Zebra.) Did I mention she loves this ride?

Just to change things up we rode the ferris wheel next. I lost my lens cap on this one. Lucky a kind employee found it for me. Sheesh.

Alex really wanted to ride this one too.

Then I made the mistake of going on a spinny ride. I should have more compassion for Anton.

Oh, how badly Alex wanted to go on that ride. :(

Anton got creative with the photo shooting while Ella and I rode the Frog Hopper ride.

Then it was time for a break. We went inside and got ice cream. There were a few ice cream headaches involved. Most of them on my part.

Then once more out into the heat to catch a couple last rides before heading home.

Ella rode the horsies again. (She REALLY loves this ride.) See how her arm is up in the air? There was some soft background music playing and she was doing a very graceful interpretive dance. See that kid next to her? He was the only other kid on the ride and of course, had to pick the horse right next to Ella. Thanks kid, you ruined my pictures!!! Actually that happened alot. Almost every ride she went on any other kids that got on would sit right by her. Get out of my pictures!! :o)

Besides it being hot and all of the adults involved getting a little dizzy we had a pretty good time. We reall wish we had brought our swim suits because the water park looked really fun! That'll have to be saved for another day.

In scrapping news, Andrea finished my page for the ADSR swap. Here's what she did:

I arranged the photos and title and she did the rest. I love it. The colors are so fun!

So I'm pretty sure this post is now long enough. Have a great night!


michellewaite1 said...

It looks like you had fun. I love that layout. It would make a great template.

miraDesigns said...

Love your amusement park pictures! You'll be able to scrap gorgeous layouts with them. :) I just feel a bit sorry for Alex though for not getting on those rides. Poor thing.. ;) And that ADSR layout is fantastic with all those random shots!

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