Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Where'd my creativity go?

I really wanted to do some scrapping today, but when I sat down at the computer nothing happened. I couldn't get inspired by any of my pictures. So again nothing new to show. Here's another page I did last week:

Credits here.

It looks like snow he's standing in, but it's really sand.

As for non-scrapping related things, I didn't do much today. It was raining all morning and the kids were either napping or being cranky the rest of the afternoon. Ella went all day without a diaper. Such a big girl. Potty training is no fun. I've read quite a bit today. A book called Labrynth. It's OK. Something to do. I was too lazy to make dinner so we had pizza. Digiornio of course. Unfortunately it wasn't a cheese stuffed crust. Those are my favorite. But I don't have much else to ramble about so this will have to do. Have a good one!

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Sara said...

Cute page!! I so wish I had smow to see {not much here in Florida!} Looks like we are blogging the same time again tonight! Have a great one!