Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Finally!

I love the weekend! And ours gets to start early. Anton came home at noon today. Of course he'll study for a bit before we go and play, but it's nice to have him help calm the insanity. I managed to do more scrapping last night before going to bed, and I finished up the page this morning. He it is:

Journaling says:Whoever invented the binky ought to receive an award. Who would ever have thought that such a small item would save so many mothers from insanity. Binkies are so multi-functional -- they soothe, they quiet, they put to sleep, they temporarily satisfy hunger, and they fix the hurt. Nights would seem much longer and babies much louder without this insignificant piece of plastic and rubber. They are also so inexpensive. One can have binkies everywhere, the car, the diaper bag, the crib, and even conveniently attached to baby’s clothes. With so many uses and benefits who could afford to be without one?

I used Mira's "Fresh and Clean" kit.
Which by the way is FREE!! Check it out here. She's just getting into designing and does really cool stuff. And did I mention free? I love the colors of this one and the cool see through date elements (which I used behind the photo). She's also done a coordinating set of clear frames with are also on her blog.

So, it's naptime now for little ones so I can go do my own things. I should fold the laundry, but nah.

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Melissa said...

I love this layout. I think I have it in my favourites already.