Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fabulous Page!

I love this time of night after all my family has gone to sleep. I'm at my most productive. I had to try out a new kit I got, Jessica Bolton's Outnumbered Girl. If you haven't seen this yet you should go check it out here. Very cool kit. I also wanted to try and make a page like you see all over nowadays with elements everywhere. So here is my attempt:

Credits here.

I love it! So colorful and crazy, and well, FAB!! I bought my daughter those dress-up clothes for Crhistmas, and after she put them on I realized they were really scanky! Who makes dress-up clothes like that for little girls! Oh well. At least she won't be trying to leave the house like that, at least not until she's a teenager.

Today was pretty calm after the mad dash to get to church on time. The kids napped all afternoon and Anton and I computered. I played more with the paint stuff and have kindof got another freebie in the works. We'll see.

I'm debating whether or not I should drive out to my sister's this week. She lives about 6 hours away in Louisiana. She's just getting into digiscrapping and we've been racking up a lot of hours on our cell phones. A few days in person would make a pro of her I'm sure. So we'll see. Anton has a couple of tests this week so it might be nice for him to have us out of his hair. Who knows.

But I'm going to go surf the net for a bit before finally giving up my free time and heading to bed. Tomorrow already feels like it's going to be a Monday.


Monique said...

wow that layout looks awesome! you did a great job with all the elements!

Stephanie said...

Ahh so i'm not the only one who does the 'Sunday Morning Mad Dash to Church"

Seems with little ones we can never make it on time.

You page looks great!