Sunday, April 15, 2007

The First

Well, I've done it. Joined the ranks of the world of bloggers. I wanted a place to post my scrapbook pages and to ramble on about whatever I so choose. So here we go. I made a page last night about my daughter, Ella. I was practicing with my new camera and got some great shots of her. But as I was looking through the pictures I realized how much she has grown up. So I decided to make a page about it.

See credits here.

So that's my first post. How'd I do?


Anonymous said...

This is a great page! I'm your number one fan.

Anonymous said...

Wow, absolutely gorgeous photo and beautiful layout.

Heather said...

Great 1st post!!! I love that page too with those bright flowers framing the photo. And I love the name Ella for your daughter. She is so cute. And is your husband's name Anton? My great grandfather's middle name was Anton and he was born in Norway. anyhooo... too much info on my family history, I know.