Thursday, April 26, 2007

No scrapping, but other fun stuff!

So I haven't gotten around to scrapping yet today. Though I did organize all the downloaded and unzipped files on my desktop. But just so as to not deprive any loyal readers, here's another page I did a while back:

Credits here.

I made this page as a Lift with a Twist.

Mira has made another great freebie:

Go to her blog to download!

My hubby found this fun little widget that maps all the countries you been to. Here's how well traveled I am:

Kindof fun. Try it out!

Anton took a test today in his pilot training course and got 100%! I'm so proud of him! He also got a remote control plane in the mail yesterday and we went to try it out today. It kept crashing because it was too windy. One of the engines broke off and a wire came loose. It'll need repairs before it's next flight. So sad. I'd post pictures but they are still on the camera and I am wanting to try and get some scrapping time in tonight so maybe next time!


Elizza said...

what a pretty little girl you got there, amanda!

thanks for the freebie tip....going there to check it out...

Sharon said...

Oww I love the map idea. I think I will go and do that. Love that LO.