Friday, April 27, 2007

A Haircut Page

Wow, I'm on a roll today. A freebie and a page all in one day! I went back for some older pictures for this one.

Credits here.

Journaling says: We waited until Ella was almost 2 1/2 to give her her first haircut. Her hair was so thin and fine that there wasn’t much to cut before that. But it had started to look scragly and
unkempt so the time finally came. I am too cheap to pay for a kid’s haircut so frugal me decided to cut it all by myself, though I’d never cut hair before in my life. I wet down her hair and dad kept her distracted while I snipped chunks of hair off. She was being so goofy the whole time, wiggling around, making faces and sticking her fingers up her nose (that was her current fun habit.) However, she didn’t do so great at holding still which left her with a really crooked cut. But after drying it I think it didn’t turn out half bad.

Does it ever frustrate you when you take the time to clean only to have it look like you didn't do a thing an hour later? I think that's why I hate to clean. What's the point when the Cheerio's under the high chair will just be there again after the next meal. Besides, I wouldn't want to deprive Alex of a snack. (Yes he eats the Cheerio's off the floor. What can I say, he'll have a strong immune system.)

This evening we did chicken on the BBQ with my sister's secret BBQ rub (McCormick Mesquite wet rub in a bottle, yum!). Then we went over to a local festival called the Scratch Ankle Festival. It was pretty small and mostly food vendors. Expensive food vendors. Luckily we'd eaten before we went. I had to break Ella's heart when I told her she couldn't go down the inflatable silde. $3!! What a rip-off. Then when we got home the balloon she'd gotten popped. I blew her up a new one, but since I don't breathe helium it just wasn't as good. Now the kids are in bed and hubby is downstairs sounding like he's destroying something. (I think he's cleaning!) So I might actually get to scrap again!

And don't forget about my freebie below!


Rona said...

Cute page! Don't you love it that we have older pictures as a sort of back up if we run out of new pictures or ideas? lol!

I snagged the papers from the previous posts, too. THey're beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

I have to say that I did a haircut like this on my then 3 year old. It was okay for months and then when it finally kept bugging me that it was slightly uneven, I took her to get it fixed at the salon. now it can grow out and I will try not to chop it up again. :)