Saturday, May 5, 2007

The voting begins.

You are all probably so sick of me asking you to go nominate me, vote for me, do a little dance for me. OK, maybe not the dance, but I have been asking a lot. So this time I will just be informing you and if you choose to take action, so be it.

Today the voting for Queen of the Crop begins over at Scrapbook Graphics. I have entered and here is the first challenge we had to complete: "Challenge #1 - My Many Faces or Moods Introduce us to the main character in your story. Create a layout that shares something about at least two (more if you like) very different facets of your personality or moods of expression."

And here is my entry:

If you are so inclined you can GO HERE TO VOTE FOR ME. Each vote costs $2 but you get a big goodie bag from their designers for voting. I don't know what's in it since I haven't voted yet. There are a lot of really good entries. So now you are informed. Have a great NSD!


ymA said...

What a cool layout! Very unique. Happy National Scrapbooking Day =)

Martha said...

LOVE your page~very cool showing two faces like that:) It's really been fun doing this so far!! Good luck!!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Best of luck!

Andrea said...

I voted for you today!! I am now waiting for my grab bag of goodies!! I can't wait! Best of Luck to the Best!!