Thursday, May 3, 2007

Got LO #3 done!

That's right, I've finished my third LO for the Queen of the Crop contest. I like it much better than my second week one, which I just can't make perfect. Oh well. But since I can't show you my page yet, you'll have to settle for an older one. How about this:

Credits here.

I actually made this one as a photo swap but loved how it turned out so much that I made a copy for myself with my own kid. I'm really into the bright color thing right now.

Today I was nowhere near as productive as I was yesterday. No housework got done, no hands-on projects. I did take the kids to playgroup, but no one else showed up. We didn't stay too long because it was really hot out. Yuck. Not looking forward to the heat of summer.

I'm really excited because on Saturday we are going to a crawfish boil. I've been craving them since I moved down here and there is nowhere to get them around here, well at least not for a decent price. It's actually a full crawfish festival so it should be loads of fun and I'm sure really expensive.

But that is about all I have to ramble on about. Time for bed for me!

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Sara said...

Crawfish?? Did you say crawfish?? You are a girl after my heart! We had a boil about 2 weeks ago, and they were yum! And you are right about the price, around here they are terribly high {my parents are in New Orleans, so we had them pick up the "bugs"!} We are supposed to be going to the festival, maybe we'll see you there! Have fun!