Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bad scrapping ego day.

Do you ever have one of those days that everything you look at that's scrapbook related makes you feel worse and worse about your abilities as a scrapper? Well today is one of those days. It doesn't help that I can watch the numbers for the voting over at Holly's blog and see what people think of my scrapping. Though in reality I know winning the vote would mean having groupies, and I just don't have groupies. Oh well. It was nice to have been one of the top nominees. The other depressing thing was seeing the previews for the SBG Queen of the Crop contest. I thought I had a pretty cool idea only to see that at least 3 other people did something almost exactly the same. So much for originality and creativity. Blah.

So to keep away from the computer and try and keep my spirits up I did some hands-on crafting. I've had a couple projects for the kids' rooms sitting around and thought I'd tackle them. Yesterday I worked on these little clothes pins:

They used to be plain wood and the flowers had yellow centers. I got them back when I had planned on doing Ella's room in pink, orange and yellow. However, I saw the error of my ways and switched that to pink, white and black. So I got to paint 22 mini clothes pins. Fun. The next project was coat hanger peg things with the kids' names on them. I got them back in Feb and had painted them but they needed assembled and varnished. I think they turned out mighty cute:

And just to round out the fun photos for the day here's one of my handsome hubby. Though he doesn't look like this now. He shaved his head yesterday in support of his Dad who is going through chemo right now and lost his hair.

But I'm going to go try and scrap and make myself feel better. Have a great night!


Nancy said...

Keep your chin up, we all have those days! And the clothespins and hangers are adorable!

Mormishmom said...

I have those days too! I think your art projects are too cute! I love the colors you've chosen for your daughter's room!