Thursday, May 24, 2007


I've been in a funk for a couple of days. I think it's from spending too much time in the house. So this afternoon I declared that we were leaving. So we all hopped in the car with no destination in mind and started driving. We actually do this fairly often, but usually on a Saturday morning and we see how far we can get and find something interesting. But since it was later in the day we only made it as far as the mall. Not terribly exciting, but they do have restaurants. And if anything can get me out of a funk it's food. So we had dinner at Macaroni Grill. We splurged and got calamari appetizers along with our meals. I ordered the Chicken something or another. I thought I would remember but I guess not. But it had mushrooms, artichokes, capers, and proscuttio in a lemon butter sauce, with pasta of course. Yum. We talked of dessert, but our tummies decided otherwise. So unlike me. Then instead of going home we drove out to the beach. It was beautiful. The sun was setting and the temperature was perfect. The kids played in the sand and we all got our pants a little wet playing in the water. It was nice and relaxing and thoroughly did away with my funk.

I declared tonight a no TV night. So after bathing and putting the kids to bed we stared at our computers instead. So much more productive. :o) I tried scrapping earlier today and ended up deleting the page I spent over an hour trying to make look right. But tonight I did manage to whip something up. Sometimes it amazes me that a page that looks so simple can take so long to make. Here it is:

Credits here.

Can you tell I'm a lefty? My pictures have the tendency to hang off the left. Though I have made right hanger offer ones too. I cut right handed. And what sports I do make an attempt at playing I do right handed. In fact, writing is about the only thing I do left handed. Except raise my left eyebrow. There you go. Something you didn't know about me. But now it's late and I must be off to bed!


lukasmummy said...

Thats a really cute layout, hope todays better for you.
Hugs Crystal xx

Katg1006 said...

Super cute LO!! Hope you find something exciting to do today!!

LeXiee said...

Great layout!! hehehe
I wonder if your layouts are to the left because you left handed.. or just you prefer the left side?! I wonder if other people who are left handed do the same thing! hehe What a neat point.

Karen aka Cloggie68 said...

You are my twin sister, left-handed but cutting right!

Very cute layout!!