Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Final Week

It's the last week of the Queen of the Crop contest over at Scrapbook Graphics. Well, technically there's one more week for the top 10, but we'll just see about that. This week's layout had to be about ourselves from someone else's perspective. I struggled on what to do on this one and this idea kept coming to me, so I finally went with it. Here it is:

You can see the credits and journaling and VOTE FOR ME here.

I was really pleased with how it came out. There were 107 people in this contest when it started, and now, by the fourth round, there are only 84. That means 23 people dropped out. Better odds for me, but too bad for them for not thinking they could finish.

Lots of sales this weekend. Gina Miller is having one and since I've been eyeing a kit and I still had my 20% off coupon from doing the Lifts with a Twist I decided to shop. I went ahead and got this kit that I posted about the other day:

Now I can scrap the piles of beach pictures I have laying around my hard drive. I can't wait.

We don't have any exciting plans for the weekend. We found out Anton has 2 weeks before his class starts up here so we are thinking about going on vacation. Maybe Disneyworld. We're not sure. We'd really like to go on a cruise since we are so close to all the ports here, but I'm not sure that would go well with the kids. Though we could combine the 2 and take a Disney cruise. Anyone ever done one and have an opinion? Let me know your vacation ideas since I seem to be lacking!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Jenna said...

WOW, your QOTC week 4 LO is gorgeous!!!!!! I love it! Good luck hon...really, hope you make the top 10. Hey I think the disney cruise would be of both worlds, kwim? Good luck deciding! I wished we were going on a vacation. I wanted to go to San Antonio just to see the cowboys at this camp, but who knows..LOL

Terrell said...

Great LO and good luck with the contest! That new kit is very pretty, looks like here in Florida ;)

Aud said...

That's just a completely gorgeous layout!!!Best of luck in the contest!

miraDesigns said...

Wow, that layout is just stunning and it's such a pretty picture of you. If I guess right it's taken on your wedding day.. :) And that Disney cruise sounds like a lot of fun!