Sunday, May 13, 2007

Another W&W LO!

Here's another page done for Weeds and Wildflowers:

Journaling says: Ella was playing with a magna-
doodle at the Aviation Museum and
I asked her if she could write her
name. And she did it! She had
never written her whole name out
before. She had done the letters
individually but this was a first!
Sure the “A” looks a bit like
an “H”, but it’s not bad for a
first try! She was so proud
of herself!

I used the new Celebrating Color collection by Gina Huff . It is being sold exclusively at Scrap Artist. So don't go to the Weeds and Wildflowers website expecting to see this 'cause it won't be there. But all of their other cool stuff is! Here are previews of the 3 parts of the kit I used:

There are also red, yellow, white, and pink parts of this. How cool is this!! You can find them all HERE.

Today was Mother's Day. My family didn't do much. I did get cake tonight though! I came back yesterday from Louisiana. I had the hardest time staying awake on the drive. When we got home I collapsed into bed and couldn't move for a few hours. But then Anton dragged me up because he had gotten the last 2 discs of season 2 of Alias and he was dying to see them. So we spent the rest of the evening watching that. Such drama and tension. We'll be getting season 3 tomorrow! I don't think we have anything exciting planned for this week. Anton starts the survival training of his course this week. Things like jumping from helicopters into the bay and pressure chambers and stuff like that. I think I'll try and get some more scrapping done tonight!


Nita said...

Beautiful layout! Happy Mother's Day :)

Andrea said...

Great pic of Ella. She is so smart!! Hope you caught up on sleep!! :)

miraDesigns said...

That's a great LO, so colourful and eye catching! Hopefully you did get some scrapping done like you were planning to! :)

Rachael Giallongo said...

Your layout is TOTALLY fab and I am in LOVE with those kits!