Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Shoes and scrapping.

I finally made it to the shoe store today and they were open this time! I got these:

Lots of good arch support for my rolly polly feet. I haven't gotten to try them yet because today is my rest day. But tomorrow they will get some runnin'!

I've spent a ton of time on this layout today. Another one of those where I just keep tweaking and it's never quite right so I just quit. Here 'tis:

Credits here.

We didn't do much else today. We've ammended our vacation plans. Still going to Orlando, but we're just going to stay 5 days and only do Disney. I was feeling too stressed about how much we were trying to do before. I feel much better about this. The thing I don't feel better about is the 90 degree weather forcasted. Yuck. We still have to find a place to stay. Any suggestions? I also have a fun announcement but it has to wait until I'm allowed to give it! Now you'll have to come back to see what it is.


Monique said...

what beautiful photos! they're wonderful! and those shoes look great, should be really comfy! have a great week!

Tanja said...

Your Layout is soooo great! Love it really!!!
The Shoes looks cool!
Have a great Day!!

Toni said...

Love the layout and the holiday sounds fun, have an awesome time

Sunny said...

Awesome layout.... I also ordered a pair of comfort shoes and they are on the way back to my doorsteps... Eagerly waitin... lol