Saturday, May 12, 2007

A LO and an awesome FREEBIE!

So it's time to vote for week 2 of the Queen of the Crop contest over at Scrapbook Graphics. Here's what the challenge was for this week:

Challenge #2 - Make a Wish

Do you have a secret passion, dream, wish or desire? Share it with us in a layout.

And here is my LO for it:

You can vote by clicking HERE or the blinkie over there <------.

Also have you seen the amazing freebie Scrap Artist is giving away for their second birthday celebration? It's HUGE! And as part of their celebration Weeds and Wildflowers will be joining their shop!! How exciting is that? They will still be selling in their own store and will will have different things in each place. They have an awesome collection coming out today in celebration. I'll post about that when I get a preview. Here's a looksee at the freebie:

You can snag it HERE in their shoppe.

So be sure to check back later to see the W&W kit! Have a great Saturday!


cindy_i_ said...

Cool layout - I think everyone would like to travel in space!
That is an incredible kit and how exciting about W & W!

Selana said...

love the comic style of you QOTC layout

Mandy said...

LOVE that QOTC Layout! How funny and original! Good luck!

lukasmummy said...

Great layout. Good luck with the Queen of the crop.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs Crystal xx

KirstieGai said...

wow great news for W&W, I grabbed that awesome freebie yesterday