Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another day..

Nothing exciting going on today. But during baby's morning nap I did get some scrapping in:

Used Gina Marie's amazing Celebrating Color Collection again. So many colors, so many layout options. Isn't Alex a cutie in those pictures? He would much rather be pushing the stroller than riding, and he can't even walk yet!!

Anton survived through his training yesterday and today they got to go swim around in the bay. Jumping in and out of life rafts and such. Rough life. I swept and vacuumed, but that's nowhere near as exciting. Alex had a wretched cranky night last night. I've been trying to feed him more real people food rather than jarred baby food and it doesn't seem to be agreeing with him. Makes for long nights. Lots of rocking. Poor kid.

I've got a new job at church, playing the piano for the kids. However, I don't play the piano very well and I'm a bit nervous for Sunday. It seems like the hardest song in the book is the one they're singing on Sunday. Oh well. Practice, practice, practice. But it's a good excuse to improve my piano playing. I've been wanting to spend more time on it.

Anyways, the kids are supposed to be napping and neither of them are. So much for more scrapping!


lukasmummy said...

Those are adorable pictures, and a fab layout. Good luck on Sunday xx

ymA said...

Good luvk Sunday. You'll do fine =)

Tracey said...

That's a great layout and i love the colors you chose, :) I am a military wife as well and I have a 17 month old running around, :) OH, and I love nap time too, :)