Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Not a great day.

Still feeling sick today. The sick thing is getting old. I was cranky all day and ended up running away from home tonight. I just couldn't handle the whining anymore and all I wanted was a smoothie. The only place in town that has smoothies is Sonic. So I pull up and ordered my smoothie and they inform me that their smoothie machine was broken!!! Argh!! So I went and wandered around Wal-mart and picked up the stuff I needed to make smoothies at home. But I didn't want to go home yet so I took the long way home. But I eventually made it home and finally had my smoothie. Yum.

I got a page scrapped earlier. Another non-journaling one. I go through phases with journaling or not. It all depends on the pictures I guess. But here's my page:

Used the Celebrating Color Collection by Gina Marie Huff of Weeds and Wildflowers fame again. I've been debating on purchasing that beaded alpha by Kimberly Giarusso (whose name I'm sure I'm spelling wrong but am feeling too lazy to look up), and I finally broke down. I figure if I use it twice I'll get my monies worth. And here's time #1.

The other kit I'm debating on purchasing is this one by Gina Miller:

I have a bunch of beach photos to scrap and I did last week's Lift with a Twist which earned me a coupon to her store (really had hoped to win the GC, but no such luck). I'm sure if I look through all my stuff I have beachy colored paper and elements, but sometimes I feel like being lazy and going the prepackaged route. We'll see.

But the kids are in bed so it's my time now!! I'm sure we'll end up watching more Alias. We're 1/3 of the way through season 4 and there are only 5 seasons so soon you won't have to hear about it any more.


Emma said...

Hey from the blog train DST! I hope that your day gets better, hang in there tomorrow will be a better day.

KirstieGai said...

love the yellow LO. Gina's kit is great. Have you seen jensurge's stuff http://jensurge.blogspot.com/

miraDesigns said...

Hope you're feeling better today! That LO is awesome, love all the yellow and it really doesn't need any journaling to it. BTW, I spent last weekend watching season 2 of Prison Break so I know the feeling of not being able to stop watching until you've watched every single episode.. ;)