Thursday, June 28, 2007

What else...

I was going to post all sorts of pictures today, but my computer is not cooperating. So you won't get to see my stitches, nor Alex walking for the first time. Sigh. We've been busy this week which accounts for the lack of posting and scrapping on my part. Ella's been doing swimming lessons. She did really good the first day, it got a little shaky the second day, and yesterday and today were tears the whole time. I feel bad for the teachers. Unfortunately she'll have to miss tomorrow because Anton is going on his first flight in the morning and it overlaps with swim time.

And yes, Alex started walking willingly on his own today. He's taken steps here and there before but never with the intention of getting anywhere. But today he just took off cruising! He'll walk 5 or 6 steps before falling down and crawling. It's so cute.

I'm supposed to get my stitches out tomorrow but never made an appointment. So it looks like I'll be taking them out myself. I actually already took one out today because it came unstitched yesterday. It hurt a bit, but not unbearably.

I've been having the hardest time scrapping lately. Multiple times now I've gotten a page significantly done, only to turn around and completely re-do it. The one below I've been staring at for days and could never get it right and finally quit. I wanted it to look like a page from a wedding album, but.... Here it is:

You can read the journaling, see the credits and leave me some love here.

I helped another friend get started in digiscrapping today. Here's the page she made:

It's her first page ever so please go here and leave her some love!

Well, since I have no photos I guess that'll be it for today. Have a good one!


Felicia McB said...

oy, sorry to see in the previous post that you cut yourself bad enough to need stitches :( very cool layouts, off to leave some love there!
bonnie76 fro DST

KirstieGai said...

I'd already seen your LO and have also given love to the other one. I'm a pro at taking stitches out, DH has had that many through football and never bothers to go to the doctor to get them out.

miraDesigns said...

Yay for Alex starting to walk! It must be so exciting! And good luck with getting your stitches out! It sounds a bit scary to me to be doing it yourself but it'll save you lots of time and trouble.. :)