Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Southern Swamp Funk

I've given it a name, this sickness that keeps plaguing me. This is my third time being sick in a month and a half. My sis who lives in Louisiana said it took her out when she first moved here too. Therefore I've dubbed it the Southern Swamp Funk. I hope none of you ever get it!!

But even through all the drugged, snotty haze I managed to scrap yesterday. Here's my LO:

I used Minna's awesome Summer Fun kit available here. So colorful! I was bummed I couldn't work the stitched birds into this LO, but they will show up somewhere, I promise.

Today is Ella's birthday. She's 3!! I can't believe it. For a couple of months now she has declared that she is having a Shrek party with purple presents. And who am I to deny this? She last night while she was sleeping we decorated the house with green and purple streamers and green balloons and Shrek accessories. I even made sure to buy purple wrapping paper for her presents. I'll have pictures of all this after we've partied tonight. Too bad the main gift won't be here for a week or so. that's what I get for ordering it so late. We got her a play kitchen. But she's got plenty of other gifts to keep her going until then. Can't wait for the party! I'm making a Shrek cake, but I've got to go to the grocery store first to get the eggs for the cake. Nothing like leaving everything to the last minute!


DragonflyScrapper said...

Oh how fun, that sounds awesome can I come? hehe...hope the party is a blast!!!

susan said...

Such a darling LO! And what wonderful idea for a party - its sounds like such fun!!

Sara said...

I love that layout!! And as a "southern born" gal - I can tell you that your "Southern Swamp Funk" is truly an illness!!! I get it ALL of the time!! Yuck! Happy Birthday to your little Ella and have fun with the Shrek party and purple presents!

Cyndy said...

Happy Birthday, little one. I hope she enjoys her Shrek party (I love that movie too).

Andrea said...

Was the purple presant a hit? Hope she had a great birthday! Love that LO! I love those colors!!