Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Suspicious Package, A LO, A Kit, A Freebie, and more!

So the other day the UPS guy dropped a package off at my door. It wasn't very big, about 6x3x3 inches or so. It was address to Anton and was from some random printing company. It was fairly heavy and sloshed a bit. Odd. I didn't open it because I didn't know if maybe Anton had ordered something as a surprise and I didn't want to ruin it. When he got home he said he had no idea what the package was. Then it struck me. What if it was a bomb? Heavy, sloshy, unexpected package? Sounds suspicious to me. However, what would someone want to bomb us for? So Anton carefully slit the tape and pulled open the lid with the package held at arms length (like that would make a difference if it exploded). He was going to slow for me so I grabbed it and ripped it right open. Phew! Not a bomb. Just a taste testing kit from 7-UP. It had 3 cans of soda in it, which was why it was heavy and sloshed. We had a good laugh about that afterwards. By the way, we did the taste test and both agreed that Diet 7-UP has a better flavor than Diet Sierra Mist or Sprite Zero. Though I think if I had to drink the whole can I'd probably be liking the Sierra Mist better towards the end. The Sprite was just nasty.

Anyways, got a LO done today. Here it is:

If you feel so inclined you can leave me some love here.

I made this page using Minna Rajala's newest wonder Aqua Breeze. I love the bright colors in this! Makes me think of swimming pools.

You can get it from her store at Scraphead. And right now they are having a 30% off sale. You have to use the coupon code that you can find on their homepage.

Also, Minna has a matching freebie on her blog.

That's it for now on the scrapping front. Alex has still been running a fever. This is day 3. I haven't taken him to the doctor because I've been keeping him on Motrin which brings his fever down, so by the time I'd get him to the doctor they wouldn't see the fever. Though, as my track record goes, as soon as I make him an appointment he'll get better. Always works that way. Anyways, Anton just got home so I'm going to go spend time with the family before he heads back for more studying! Have a great day!


Toni said...

I love the colours in that kit - turquiose and lime are my favourite at the moment.

Kelsey said...

Great LO and kit!

Anonymous said...

How scary. Glad the package was nothing more sinister than Sprite.