Sunday, June 24, 2007

Some scrapping, a trip to the ER, and more scrapping!

So this weekend has been pretty good, besides what this post's title might make you think. On Friday I spent the morning picking up the house a bit because my friend Stephanie was coming over for some scrapping fun. She recently got into digi scrapping and I offered to help her out. We made the cutest page of her little girl:

It's her first page ever posted in the digi world so please go HERE and give her some love.

So then Saturday. Saturday was a busy day. Some of Anton's cousins came over and we all went to lunch. Then straight to a birthday party for a kid of one of the other Flying Warrants. We couldn't stay long, though, because I had to go play the piano for the Primary activity at church. Back home to have some dinner. Then I sat down determined to finish Ella's kitchen that we got for her birthday. The missing pieces had finally come in the mail. Well, as I was extracting the handle to a measuring cup from the plastic sheet it was attached to, the knife I was using slipped and collided with my finger. OK, collided might be a bit soft, let's say impacted. There was blood gushing everywhere instantly. Anton grabbed me a paper towel while I did my best to keep blood off the carpet. I knew the moment it happened that I'd be going to the emergency room.

So we piled the kids in the car and off we went. It actually only took about 2 hours to get me in and out, and 3 stitches later and a lot of gauze and tape and here's the result:

Here is the nasty weapon with the incriminating blood still on its blade.

And even with my wounded appendage I was determined to finish the kitchen, and I did it this morning. Ella has already made pancakes and made me drink a lot of orange juice.

I did some scrapping this afternoon. Here's what I came up with:

I haven't done a crisp, clean LO in a while. If you want you can leave me love here.

I used Jess Volinski's really cool Wild Flowers Paper Pack available here at Scraphead.

And last but not least in this really long post, my hubbie got his helmet the other day and has been wearing it around to get it nice and fitted to his head. He thinks he looks really cool, so I figured I'd better put him on my blog so you all can see how cool he looks.

What a cutie. Hope you all had as exciting of a weekend as I did! (Except for without an ER visit.)


JanMary said...

Hope your injury doesn't stop you scrapping. Love the white space in your lo, and the one you helped your friend do is just adorable.

Caroline B said...

Ouch!! Love the layouts & I hope the injury doesn't stop you scrapping.

miraDesigns said...

Oh, that must have hurt a bit. Luckily, it wasn't your right hand cause it would be much more difficult to scrap then (unless you're left handed, but I guess you're not).. I'm glad you got the blinkie.. :)

Emma said...

So sorry for you poor finger!! The layouts look great and your dh looks smashing in his helmet.

KirstieGai said...

my first thought is OUCH! Love the LO's and your DH looks so cool in his helmet

Andrea said...

LOL!! Love the pic of the razor knife!! with the blood still on it!! Too funny!! The kitchen looks great!! you did a fantastic job! As far as the helmet????? He is hilarious!! Hope your finger gets better!! :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for putting my (or our) cute page on your blog. I have gotten lots of really nice comments, and I love it. :) Our internet is being disconnected tomorrow and I am so sad because I won't be able to play with anything and wish that I had photoshop. Good thing I'll be traveling. I hope your finger is doing better. :) I'm sure you'll hear from me soon with lots of questions. Thanks again for your help--you are the greatest.