Saturday, June 30, 2007


I've got a few things for today. I finally got my pictures off my camera and wanted to share a few.
They are entirely unedited, because I just had to restart the computer and don't feel like waiting for PSE to open again. And I guess sideways too. Oh well.

Alex started walking and I got some good action shots. (Of course with a toy hanging out of his mouth. See this LO for clarification.)

My stitches, which I have since pulled out. I can't feel the tip of my finger around the cut and the skin is really tough. It's weird.

And even though my children tried their hardest to keep me from finishing a LO today, I did manage to thwart their efforts. Here's the result:

Credits can be read and love given here. (Until tomorrow (Sunday) when the link will change and we'll see if I remember to update it.)

On another scrapping note, I have resigned from my position on the Weeds and Wilflowers CT. It killed me to do it since I love their stuff. But since joining they changed the LO requirements from 2 a month to 6 a month. I know I would never be able to keep up and I'm totally bummed about it. Sigh. But there will be others I hope.

My sister, Andrea, and I are joining in the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race! We've named our team the Southern Scrappin' Sisters. You can check out our blog for it here. Of course there's nto much there yet since the race doesn't start until the 16th. But it sounds like a lot of fun and scrapping with my sister will make it all the better!

Last night I decided to be adventurous in cooking dinner. I was craving Pad Thai and I had bean sprouts in the fridge so I set out to make it. This involved a trip to a sadly small Asian market then Wal-Mart to get what they didn't have. I scoured the internet to find the perfect recipe, then combined the 3 I found. Then a bit of smoke and some quick stirring later and I had a plate full of yummy Pad Thai. I wish I'd taken a picture of it. It was good, but not as good as restaurant kinds. I'll have to keep working on it since I now have all the ingredients for it. Yum.

Last night Anton and I finshed the first season of Lost. Everyone keeps saying the 3rd season is really disappointing, which make me not want to spend time getting involved in it now. But it's good for now so I guess I'll keep watching.

I could ramble on about a few more things, but I'll leave it for another time. I've been neglecting my family long enough!


miraDesigns said...

Sorry, that you had to quit being on W&W CT. I woudn't want to do it either since their stuff is amazing.

When you've finished watching Lost you'll really have to watch Prison Break, unless you've watched it already. Since you like Alias I'm sure you'd love Prison Break. (Can you guess what's my favourite tv show.. ;) )

Anonymous said...

OMG that finger is freaking me out!
btw this is Dawn misshunibuni ..i am on another computer and can't remember my blogger log in lol