Sunday, March 30, 2008

A beautiful day at the beach.

We go to the beach all the time just to play in the sand, but on Friday we decided to go play at the beach for real. That meant swimsuits, beach umbrellas, and all. We got all loaded up and headed out. Now I have to note that Anton chose to ignore the weather forecast when planning this trip. So on the way down to the beach this is what we saw:

A lot of nothing. Fog, fog everywhere. But fog is better than rain (or snow for you Northerners), so we continued on our way. It was about 66 degrees outside, so not exactly sun on the beach weather.

But my family didn't let this stop them. I dipped my feet in the water once, and that was enough for me. But Ella and Anton had fun seeing just how cold they could get.

Alex really wanted to join in, but he just can't get over that fear of the water thing. But it didn't stop him from having fun anyways.

What a cutie.

It was really windy, and I was doing my best to keep warm on the blanket. So Anton was forced to take up a game of Frisbee by himself.

He'd throw it up into the air and the wind would blow it right back to him. It was quite entertaining to watch.

However, most of the time was spent playing in the sand.

The kids wouldn't let us bury them any further than their waists. But they had fun with it.

After a while, Ella took up a post in a chair and wouldn't move:

She was convulsing with shivers and had all sorts of snot running down her face. She didn't want to leave, but we thought we'd better go before the hypothermia set in.

We all dried off and then went and had a picnic. Ella is all about the picnics lately. Daddy and Alex were having fun too.

If anyone ever wants to borrow this grin, just let me know.

I've got more than enough to go around.

Alex discovered his love for pears on our picnic:

He would've eaten the whole thing, seeds and all, if we hadn't stopped him.

But regardless of the uncooperative weather, we still had a really fun time playing on the beach. Plus it saved us the trouble of applying sunscreen!


Squatly said...

sounds like a fun-tastic day! even with the fog! :)

merrillohana said...

See, you are on your way to becoming a beach family! BTW, I like to pretty much inhale a perfectly ripe pear too.

Andrea said...

What fun!! Looks like Ella had a blast even though it was freezing!! I love that frizbee picture!! LOL!! I think I could take one of Alex's grins!! Too cute!!

Chapman Family said...

Congrats on the job. Bummer about the face. Jealous about the beach. (I've been a slacker blogger checker so I am posting about the three I haven't seen yet.) :) mmm juicy pears!