Saturday, March 29, 2008

Don't Drop the Baby.

Anton took the kids out the other day while I was working/sleeping. I don't remember which. It was raining outside, and as they were walking into a store, Anton slipped on the pavement and went down. He was holding both of the kids when it happened. Ella landed okay, but Alex went down face first. They didn't end up going shopping. They came straight home. Alex cried for almost an hour afterwards and we were about ready to take him to the hospital when we finally got him calmed down. The Motrin probably helped too. But he has been marked.

Nothing like a little bit of road rash to make that cute baby face look so pathetic.

But after that first hour you would never have know anything happened to him.

He's still my happy little guy.


Squatly said...

ouch! i'm glad nothing serious happened!! hope his little cute face gets better fast!

Lucy said...

Ouch for everybody! I'm sure anton feels bad!! Poor little guy!

Harmony said...

Hey, Anton is just like Britney Spears (I'm sure that's the first time that sentence has been written)

Poor baby though--he's so tough!