Friday, March 21, 2008

Is this why pesticides are bad?

I busted open a box of strawberries last night to eat with my favorite fruit dip of all time and I found this:

That is one strawberry. It was huge! It looked like five or six different strawberries all grew together into one large lump. I knew the photo of it by itself wouldn't do it justice, so I made Anton pose with it.

It was at least a 4 biter. He actually didn't eat it. I did. It still tasted quite yummy, but should I be concerned? If I ever decide to have more children will they come out with 5 heads? 3 legs? a really large, lumpy rumpus? Good thing I'm not having any more!

ETA: Strawberry Fruit Dip

1 8 oz. package strawberry cream cheese
1 7 oz. container marshmallow fluff
1-2 tsp lemon and/or lime juice

Mix all the ingredients together and enjoy with fruit!


Jamie & Brian said...

That strawberry looks good to me! Yummy! So you wanted to eat it with your favorite fruit dip ever...where's the recipe? You can't tease us with a line like that and not include how to enjoy said dip ourselves. Share the love!

HandMade Goods said...

that is quite the mutant strawberry!

marianne said...

Wow! that thing is massive. I hope you didn't hurt yourself eating that huge thing.

Andrea said...

YUM!! I would have eaten it!! That dip sounds good!!! I will have to try it!!