Sunday, March 16, 2008

Life Changes

So we still haven't heard anything from the Navy. So no news on that front. However, we did hear from BYU. And sad to say, they have denied Anton. And before you all go asking why, which seems to be the first thing everyone asks, we don't know. Schools don't tend to go around telling people, "Sorry, but you just weren't smart enough." Or, "What were you thinking applying here? You didn't really think you were good enough, did you?" But we know they were really just overwhelmed but all of Anton's super smartness and amazing extracurriculars. Oh well. Their loss.

But where did that leave us? Without a plan, that's where. So we had to go back to the drawing board. You see, BYU is the only school that has the particular program Anton wanted to do. So instead of trying to find a similar program we decided to go for something entirely new.

So here is the newest plan. As soon as the Navy decides to let us go, we will most likely be moving to Washington, state that is. Anton will be attending a Community College up there and will study air traffic control. He will be able to finish in a year and then get hired on by the FAA. He's pretty much guaranteed a job, since the school is an FAA approved school.

So that's it. The plan. I'm sure it'll probably change again next week, but for now we really like it. Now we just really, really, really, really want the Navy to just let us go. If things go according to the proper schedule (which they haven't up to this point, so really, what are the chances) we should be getting his paper work within a couple weeks. Anton would like to start school in June, so we'll see.

As for me, I'm pretty much done with my scoping class. I just have the final test to take. I've got my website almost finished and business cards, and fliers, and brochures almost ready to go. I've been a busy girl. I am so ready to just start working and earning back all the money I've put into it thus far. So if any of you know any court reporters that are looking for some help, let me know!


Stephanie said...

Washington state, how exciting! Maybe we'll live near each other again after all. We'll be just south of Tacoma--where is Anton's school?

Jamie & Brian said...

Good luck with your new plan! We go through "plans" all the time at our house trying to figure out what we want to be when we grow up. Hope everything works out for you guys!

merrillohana said...

Bummer, but who wants to go back to Provo when you can go to WA!!
Hope things work out for you.