Saturday, March 22, 2008

One Reason I Like Living Here

The beach. It is probably the one thing I will miss when we move away from this swampy southern place. We went on Friday night. Anton chose to go as his birthday outing. We went pretty late in the evening so we only had time to walk around a little bit, but we had fun.

Before I start, though, I just want to say that I happen to think this is one of the cutest things in the whole wide world:

I just want to squish him to death.

Anyways. The sand on the beach is so white it looks like snow.

We wanted to cross over to a sand spit on the other side of a strip of water, so Ella, Alex, and Anton went out to investigate if it was shallow enough.

They were able to walk all the way across, but since we had the stroller we decided to walk around. Besides, Alex doesn't like the water. He whines until Daddy comes and picks him up.

We found all sorts of fun things while we were wandering along.

Jelly fish.

Sea shells.

And all sorts of trash. We picked up an entire bag full while walking.

Alex also got flying lessons.

You can also see the wooden snake we found down there in the sand.

I have to say that the beach is one of my favorite places to take pictures. It's always the perfect backdrop.

Here's my handsome little man. Such a babe.

My wild-haired little girl. Crazy thing.

And all my babies together. What a good looking bunch.

As we walked along we got to watch the sun set on one side:

And the moon rise on the other:

Anton got a bit hungry.

But the moon didn't taste good, so he spit it out.

We had a lot of fun. And other than losing Anton's sun glasses, it was a perfect birthday outing. Now wait until you see the cake I made for him. Yum.


Brittney said...

What gorgeous photos!! I think the one of Ella with her hair in her face is my favorite. It's just to die for! I'm jealous you get to go to the beach!! What fun! Love your blog Amanda!! We miss you at scraphead :(

The Bays said...

Love, love, love your pictures! Yes the beach is a great place to take pictures, how I miss it. You should submit your picture of Alex flying, I don't know where to, but it is an amazing photo!

Andrea said...

What fun pictures!! I really like the ones of Anton and the sun!! Your kidos are just the cutest ever!! It looks like you had a great time!!