Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

Look at me, posting two days in a row!! Amazing. But how could I not post when we had such festivities today. While it was Easter, and I'll get around to posting photos of that, even more importantly, it was Anton's birthday. Every so many years his special day happens to fall on Easter and this year was one of them. So we kindof skipped most of the Easter fun and went straight to birthday fun. The most important of which is, of course, the cake.

I got the best compliment in the world on this one. A girl who came over to help us celebrate and eat asked me where I'd gotten the cake! I was so worried it wouldn't turn out well. I am very pleased with the end result. I was trying to make it look like a giant peanut butter cup. And while it didn't quite accomplish that, it still looked pretty cool.

Now let me tell you what's inside this beaut'. Chocolate cake with chocolate and peanut butter chips stacked in four layers with peanut butter buttercream between each one. Then all wrapped in a shell of dark chocolate with a milk chocolate ganache on top. Oh my. It was so rich. And yummy. It was hard to eat a whole piece. But never fear, we persevered. Here's a close-up for you:

Mmmmmm. Now that you are all salivating recklessly I will move on to the rest of the birthday festivities.

I made Anton his requested dinner of Buffalo chicken:

He actually originally requested BLTs, but I told him that wasn't acceptable for the day you can get anything you want. I made boneless wings this time. Good stuff.

Then Anton opened his presents. I'd given him an iPod Shuffle earlier in the week. Today he got:

Cadbury Eggs. The caramel ones of course.

Napoleon Dynamite.

And an electric razor. Very exciting. He couldn't think up a single thing he wanted for his birthday so I had to come up with it all on my own.

We had a whole horde of people over tonight for cake and ice cream. We knew we would need help eating the cake. In all my cake baking and decorating I forgot one essential thing, though. The candles. Our neighbor luckily had two, so that's all Anton got.

He made his wish and blew them out,

and then we all pigged out. Good times.

And that was how we celebrated Anton's birthday. And so as to not confuse holidays I will be posting our Easter festivities tomorrow. Happy Birthday Anton!


marianne said...

deeeeee-licious!! What a great job. How did you do it? I make cakes, but WOW!!! I am so impressed. I don't make cakes like that. I almost always forget the candles. You get so wrapped up in the cake, that you forget the last little detail. Great job.

Jamie & Brian said...

I love the cake!! So professional looking (what am I saying, not just professional looking, but actually professional). I want some! Happy Birthday Anton!

Chapman Family said...

mmmm. So you gonna move back or what? :) Everyone is doing it! I think it looks just like a PB cup, by the way. Happy Birthday/Easter.

Jan said...

Wow, the cake is amazing. How did you
get it shaped like that? I assume
you have a pan that shape and a bunch
of layers to get it that tall.
I would love the recipe. I 9 year old
has a birthday coming up.

Des said...

That cake is a masterpiece! You are so talented!! I was tasting it in my mouth as I was reading your post. So congrats on your job. That has got to be exciting. I LOVED the easter pictures too. Ella is turning out to be quite the beautiful little girl! Poor Alex, don't worry Anton...Orange dropped Gabby slipping on ice. It happens to the best of people. He was on the verge of tears. Orange is not one to cry. Scary!! Anyway, loved catching up with you and your family. That was fun!

Jill May said...

Oh my gosh! That cake looks incredible! How did you do it? Cliff's favorite thing in the world is chocolate and peanut butter. I will have to show him a picture of that masterpiece of yours!