Sunday, March 2, 2008

Time Travel

This post is for all of you who have whined about me not posting photos. So here you go. Photos.

Yesterday we went to a Renaissance Festival. Now, this Rennaisance Festival could not quite live up to the really cool one in Maryland, but it was entertainment for a day. And what would entertainment be without a bounce house? Yes, I'm going to bore you again with more bounce house photos, but only one this time. I promise.

It was free so we couldn't not let the kids play. Most of the time there were too many big kids in it, but Alex got a turn here and there.

There were all sorts of cool things to see. There was a blacksmith demonstrating his skills, and he made us a little metal gnome head. Here's Anton showing it to Ella:

See that big silver dot on Anton's sleeve? That's how they kept track of people coming and going to the fair. Very high tech.

They had a whole bunch of different birds there. Lots of falcons, and a few owls. This one here is a barn owl:

We didn't stay late enough to see any of the falconry shows. But we did stay long enough to see some jousting. The kids were really excited to see the really big horses:

Those guys must have been roasting in their armor.

They were doing full-contact jousting, which means no one was faking it. You could tell these guys were really taking a pounding. The guy on the left in this shot was totally thrown from his horse in the next pass.

He didn't move for quite some time. Can't have felt good.

The kids were pretty bored by that time, and Anton was having a hard time keeping Alex contained:

So we headed home. It was pretty fun, though I did keep thinking, What I wouldn't give to be back in Maryland right now. For those who have been to that one, you know what I'm talking about. And if you live in Maryland and haven't gone to it, I highly suggest it.

And I'll leave you with on last picture:

You know I couldn't resist.


Andrea said...

Oh yeah!!!!! Pictures!! Looks like fun! That jousting sounds ruff!! I hate to fall off, let alone with all that armor on!!!

Chapman Family said...

Are you talking about Medieval Times or the Renaissance Festival? I guess we need to add a Renaissance Festival to our list of things to see before we go. How fun!!

Harmony said...

Yah! Pictures!

Ah, the Renaissance Festival. I'd live for those chicken legs--you know, it's all about the food!

Did Alex get a haircut? He looks so grown up all of a sudden!