Saturday, April 5, 2008

County Fair

We love going to things like county fairs and such. So when the fair rolled around this year we made sure to go. Unfortunately, though, we managed to get there right in between all the shows and such. So we wandered a bit, ate some over-priced junk food, let the kids ride a ride, and called it a night.

But of course we managed to take a few pictures to share with all of you. The kids rode their usual ride, the merry-go-round. Though I guess technically it's called a carousel. It's the one they always choose. We like it because the parents get to go on for free.

I got nominated to be the token parent while Anton stood taking pictures.

Look at us good-lookin' girls!

And this is one of those pictures where I look at it and say, "Where did my baby go?" He looks all grown up here! Stop that. No more growing. You may become potty trained, but you are not allowed to get any bigger or speak any more words! Sigh.

The kids also both got balloon sculptures; Alex, a hat:

And Ella, a flower:

We wanted to see the hypnotist show and eat a funnel cake (what is a fair without a funnel cake?) but we ran out of money. That's really easy to do at a fair. I've decided that I'm going to open a concession stand at the fair and it will be called "Fair Prices at the Fair." None of this $4 for a hot dog thing. Get your $1 hot dogs here! I will make a bundle because everyone will buy their food from me.

Anyway. That was our fun night at the fair.


HandMade Goods said...

wow. alex DOES look like he has grown up a bit, and ive only had a few months to compare!

my friends and i used to joke about putting up a stand at the hessler street fair - there are many hippies and health conscious people there every year. after seeing the $6 crepe stand [!] and things like that where people were obviously making a ton of money on otherwise cheap to make food and drinks, we thought about making these yummy orange chocolate or vanilla creamsicle-like shakes that are really just vanilla or chocolate soy milk shaken with orange flavored citrucel. ha! good fiber source, and delicious tasting..

Jamie & Brian said...

Your "fair price" stand would make big money. I'd buy junk food from you if it was that cheap and I don't even like junk food (funnel cakes are not junk food however just hot dogs and other fried stuff).

Andrea said...

I can't believe how big your kids are getting!! I love going to the fair too!! And yes it is way too over priced!! I think the $1 dollar dog would be a real wiener!! LOL!! I am so funny!! Looks like you all had fun!!

Chapman Family said...

I promised Haley that we would go to one of those scary-because-I-think-they-will-fall-apart fairs when they come back to Arundel Mills. It was a weak moment and a sudden loss of not being at Disney World anymore.