Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Playin' in the Rain

So the other day we were sitting in the house and it was a nice sunny day outside. All of a sudden I heard what sounded like pouring rain outside. I looked and sure enough, it was pouring rain! And since I passed 5th grade science I know that rain plus sunshine equal a rainbow! So we all ran outside and there it was:

(Really bad photo thanks to me forgetting to take the camera off of the preset white balance. The picture was blue before I attacked it with Photoshop.)

It continue to rain and rain and since the kids LOVE rain we let them play. Anton was so good as to catch it all on video too. Here's a sampling:

It's a bit long, but you will get to see Ella pushing Alex into the street, me kicking Ella in the head, Ella and Alex drinking water runoff from the roof, and Alex signing water multiple times. Good fun. You don't have the watch the whole thing by any means. My favorite part starts right around the 4 minute mark so you can always fast forward to there.

Just now when I went downstairs to get my camera so I could blog I found Ella doing this:

She had been downstairs for a good half hour being really quiet and I found out why. She was cutting with her own scissors and her own paper so I didn't care. I was just surprised that she stuck at it for so long. I told her she could cut as long as she wanted as long as she cleaned up when she was done. And she did! I'm amazed.

I also took her to story time at the library this morning. They line up all the kids and lock them in a back room, no parents allowed. It was nice because I could wander the library undisturbed. I wasn't sure how much she would like it. But all the way home she kept asking if we could go again tomorrow so what ever they did in that back room must have been worth it! We'll definitely be going next week.

Last night we got ice cream cravings so we made a spur of the moment trip to the store for some Blue Bell Cookie Dough Ice Cream. So good. We also hunted down a geocache along the way. That ice cream is so good. It got me thinking if I could somehow make cookie dough flavored frosting/filling for my cakes. Definitely one to experiment with.

Tomorrow we hope to go to the zoo with our friends if the weather cooperates. We'll see. Otherwise we haven't been doing much. Take care!


Chapman Family said...

Haha! I did fast forward some, okay most, of the movie, but it sure was cute! Alex looks like Ella when she was here. By the way, I think your scrapping is adorable! I will have to post some of my pages (by hand) and just love seeing your family! Now that is a lot of exclamation points. Hope you are well!! Miss you.

AndreaT said...

Clayton and I loved the rain movie. Way to go Anton. We liked the kids drinking out of the ditch!! YUCK!! LOL!! And Alex's pants falling down!! LOL!!! I like how Alex followed Ella kicking in the water! Way cute!! And Anton, loved the Acapella music in the background!! Great movie!!/