Sunday, September 2, 2007


Last week during Anton's week off he finally made the decision to drop out of the flying program. He had been sick on every flight he'd gone on, and even after completing the "never-fail" get over motion sickness spin chair, he still got sick. Well, he just got sick of being sick. So he has pretty much officially quit the program. This means pretty big stuff for us. Normally when someone drops out of the program they just get reassigned to another job. But since Anton is a Warrant Officer and this is a new program, they don't have any where else to put him. So after everything is done, we will be separating from the military. It scares me to death. The military is so comfy to me. They take care of you really well. I don't like the idea of "the outside."

But our plan as of now is for Anton to go back to school and get a double major in Russian and International Studies. He'll work part time and I'll work part time, and hopefully that will keep us from starving in the meantime. We don't know when any of this will happen since the military likes to take its time, but Anton would like to start school in January.

So that's our big news. Other than that we've just been hanging out and enjoying having Anton home. I felt like pampering myself the other day so I painted my toenails. Of course, as soon as Ella saw it she wanted hers done too. So I obliged:

You can also see where I ran over her foot with the door at Wal-mart. Oops.

Yesterday we went to the beach with our friends. It was nice to just float out in the water. I found all sorts of big sea shells. Our friends' little girl had the same swimsuit as Ella and her name is Bella, so they were little twins:

Alex was keeping up his usual occupation of eating sand:

He had a whole mouth-full here.

We got a surprise package in the mail yesterday from Anton's brother Kyle and his family. It was late birthday presents for Ella and Alex. So today we had a little birthday party. Ella wasted no time ripping open her present:

It was a big bucket of Lego's! She was so excited:

She busted them out and started playing right away:

She likes building towers as tall as she possibly can.

Alex had 2 presents. He's a bit slower on the gift opening than Ella. He needed a bit of help from Dad:

The first was a fun little ambulance that makes all sorts of noise. (Thanks Kyle! :o) )

He's been playing with it all day. The next was one of those door flipper upper things (I'm sure they have a technical name, but...)

He loves these toys! Then of course the kids had to try out each other's toys:

What good sharers.

So that's been life for the last little while. All sorts of fun and adventure! I just want to leave you all with this fabulously adorable picture of Alex. I don't know what it is about pictures of kids crying, but I think they are so cute!!

Have a great night!


miraDesigns said...

Wow, that's a huge change for you guys! It must be quite scary but also exciting at the same time! Do you have any idea yet which kind of work you'll start doing then? Btw, I like the picture of Alex crying too. I think it's actually quite hilarious but don't tell him.. ;)

Stephanie said...

I can't believe you guys won't be military anymore! Scary. But I'm sure it will be awesome. So back to Utah? Hey, at least it's not humid there, right? And I'm sure you'll be around for a while anyway, with the way things go there. Good luck. And I LOVE your templates.

Jason and Rachel said...

Cute kids. I can't wait to see you guys again. Come see us at