Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Boating fun.

On Monday we got together with our Friends and rented a boat for the morning. It was so much fun. We got a pontoon boat that had all the fixin's. Here's a picture of us before we headed out:

Anton took the role of boat captain:

Though he did give each of us a chance to try our skills. But most of the time the rest of us just chilled and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Here's Tonia and her daughter Isabella doing just that:

Isabella wasn't too keen on all the love bugs flying around, but she enjoyed the ride:

Ella pretty much played the role of super-model/Baywatch babe the whole time:

What a goof. She even managed the whole windblown hair look:

She would just stand up in the front of the boat and stare out at the water. She loved it.

However, when the Oreo cookies came out Ella shed all pretenses of being a boat babe and gave into the sugar:

But she still manages to make it look good.

Alex could hardly move in his life vest. He spent the first little while just laying prone on one of the benches since there was nothing else he could do. But he sure was cute:

We found a little strip of sandy beach to stop at and he was so much happier once we took that vest off of him:

Alex really loves when Anton does this:

I don't mind, as long as he's not doing over cement like he is prone to do.

We all enjoyed playing in the water and the sand. That is until a bumble bee had to come and ruin everything. He made sure to chase every single one of us. But Andre came to the rescue and swatted it into the water with his shirt. We captured it and made sure it wouldn't bother us any more:

After all that fun and sun Isabella decided a nap was in order:

This child only takes a 30-40 minute nap each day. I feel so sorry for Tonia and Andre. I love my well-sleeping children. It's the only reason I am sane today.

Anyways, while cruising down the river we saw this odd structure:

It was right down at water level. We came to a unanimous consensus that it must be an alligator house. I want a pet alligator. You wouldn't have to worry about trespassers.

But we all got tired and one can only take so much sun before you've got to call it quits. We headed back to the dock and bade farewell to our marvelous boat. It was so much fun and something we all would love to do again.

Because of all the fun we had on Monday, we just sat around the house yesterday. Though I did get up the energy to make and decorate a cake, but more on that later! Have a good one!


AndreaT said...

I just love Ella the baywatch babe!! She is too cute!! And my hands still sweat when I see Anton toss Alex like that!! Yikes!!

Chapman Family said...

You have a stellar camera... what do you have? I guess I should say, you are a stellar photographer. :) ADORABLE sequencing of pics and dialog. I could actually hear you saying it, with your cute laugh mixed in, inside my head. Weird, I know. You just know how to write how you speak. Again, what kind of camera do you have? :)