Thursday, February 17, 2011

We've arrived...

...and I'm not impressed.  Well, the town itself seems fine, what we've seen of it, but we went to register Ella for school and I felt like I was in a juvenile detention center.  Everyone has to come in a log onto a computer before they can get through the locked door into the school.  The parents have to have a card with their kid's name on it to pick them up from school.  Ella's classroom has a bare white floor and white cinderblock walls.  It's very institutional.  There are 8 first grade classes in the school, two they've made since the school year began.  Ella's teacher was pulled out of retirement to teach her class and she seemed a bit scatterbrained.  Maybe I'm just tired and cranky from being in the car for days, but I didn't like it at all.  Plus we're stuck in a hotel for a couple days instead of in our house, and that has me cranky too.  And can you believe I'm about to complain about being hot?  It's hot!  It's 77 degrees out and muggy.  Blah.  And yesterday when we were at a children's museum (which I'll blog about once I'm done complaining) I wacked my head super hard and my brain has been throbbing since.

Okay.  I feel a little better now that I've vented.  We'll return to our regularly scheduled happiness and fun in a moment.

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Amy said...

I'm sorry to hear about the school - that sounds a little scary, but I'm sure it's all precautionary. Hope the hotel stay is short!