Monday, February 21, 2011

Catch-up Post

I've been storing a few things in my brain to blog about, so I figured I'd get them all out at once.

Random 1:  On our way to Oklahoma we stopped and visited friends in Kansas.  While there we played at a really cool children's museum.  It was in an old school, and each classroom was a different theme.  There was a room full of ramps of different shapes and sizes that you could roll buckets of golf balls down:

There was a space themed room, a hospital room, a lego room, an art room.

(Sharing love in the space room!)

I think the kids' favorite was the farm/garden/market room:

Alex gardened for a looooong time.  I was super cute with him in those rubber boots that came up to his thighs.

We went to lunch afterwards at a place where a train brings you your food!

We ordered our food in two separate orders so we could have the train come twice.

The food gets lowered down to you on a little elevator.  It was really neat.  Too bad the food was just mediocre.

Random 2:  Can you believe that during our whole 22 hours' drive on three different days that the kids only fell asleep once!?!  It was trying to my patience.

And when they did fall asleep, we were about half an hour out from our hotel in Oklahoma.  Sheesh.

Random 3:  Before we left Utah, Ella had built a really cool tower out of blocks and called me over to look at it.  She wanted me to take a picture of it, but I didn't have a camera, so she knocked it over.  Just then I turned around and there was a camera on the counter, so I told her to rebuild it and I'd take a picture.  So she rebuilt it, then it fell over.  She rebuilt it again, and it fell over.  She had to rebuild it FIVE times before she was able to finish it and keep it up.  I went to take a picture of her and her tower......and the camera battery was dead.  So after a rush to find a camera that works, I finally got a picture of her and her tower!

She looks crazed!  Her hair is actually in a ponytail there, but it's such a mess you can't tell.  

Random 4:  I took the kids to the park the first day we were here in OK while Anton was at work, and guess what I saw?  People painting the grass!!  All the grass here is completely dry brown.  But in some special areas it looks like this:

That green is fake.  Nice, right?  I had a good laugh about silly Oklahomans who paint their grass.  Then of course I asked someone about it and they reassured me it's just fertilizer and weed control.  But then again, they didn't have to tint it green, did they?

So that's all the randomness for now.  Once I get a couple more boxes unpacked I'll take some pictures of our house and environs.  Just prepare yourselves for brown, brown, and more brown!


Brandi said...

There are some houses on our street that have the fake green lawns every spring. Apparently the chemicals used are just that color, but it looks hilarious. It's such a fake looking green for grass.

Amy said...

I can't believe they only fell asleep once - all that driving! My kids conk out way more than that when we drive to TX - thank goodness.

Linds said...

Alright. Fully updated on your adventures! It's been a while since I've read blogs. I'm glad you made it to OK without too much trouble, but I certainly hope the school experience gets better. Lana's school is similar with the sign in and locked doors, but it's just a binder with paper. Not as advanced. Good luck!