Saturday, February 5, 2011

Alex Strikes Again

This morning I woke up and walked out of my room to find a large egg outside my door.  It was about the size of Alex wrapped up in a blanket.  I picked it up and took it into my room and laid it on my bed until it hatched.  I named it Chip.  Alex loves to pretend he's a little chick in an egg.  It's so cute.

Alex also believes he has the power to control automatic doors with his voice.  When we go to the library he walks up to the doors and yells, "OPEN!" and is then so pleased when they obey.  Today when we were leaving the library we were halfway across the parking lot and he was yelling, "STAY OPEN!" and when they didn't, he was really upset.  We had to convince him the door just couldn't hear him.  We wouldn't want him losing his superpowers this early in life.

On the way home from the library we passed a neighborhood watch sign and he asked what the man on the sign was for.  I explained that it mean that if we saw bad people in the neighborhood we would call the police who would come get the bad guys.

After a short pause he asked, "Do policemen have swords?"

I answered, "No."

Another pause.  "Then how do they get the bad guys?"

I explained to him about guns, and he replied, "So the police will come and shoot all the bad guys!!"

Alex couldn't leave well-enough alone today with all the cuteness.  He had to balance it out with some uber-naughtiness.  I needed a red crayon I had been using to cross off lines on a pattern I am crocheting and asked Alex to go get it for me.  He nicely went and did so, and that was that.  Or so I thought.

We were getting ready to go to the park later and Ella said, "Why is there a red line on the stairs?"  Sure enough, he had dragged the red crayon all the way up the carpeted stairs and left a red line all the way up.  ARGH!  I got out the carpet cleaner and made him scrub it all off and then made him sit in his room for two hours until dinner.  He kept complaining about how boring it was in his room.  I had to keep telling him that was the point.  Sheesh.

So three cutes and one naughty isn't too bad for one day, right?


Amy said...

Those three 'cutes' are really cute, so yeah - it makes up for the naughty.

I love this age for Josh - he does and says so many cute things. I don't want him to grow up.

paperedthoughts said...

Hiya :)
Not sure if you're still looking - But I have just read the same book (sorcery & Cecilia)! and posted the same thing on my Blog! - about the letter game :) I searched the letter game via google & you popped up.. If you're interested please contact me back - I love letters, as you can see on my blog!
Look forward to hearing from you either way!