Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The House Tour

Welcome to our home!

It is a lovely brown brick color with a vibrant brown lawn.  It's also very unique in the neighborhood.

It stands on a curve rather than a straight section of road!  Ahh, the serenity of a street full of brown.

Come on in the front door and have a seat on our lovely brown couches.

Don't miss the beautiful brown artwork hanging on the wall.  If you look closely you will see a book in the picture named "Is Sex Necessary?"  Perfect for sparking conversation.

Say hello to Anton.  He's modeling our lovely brown kitchen:

Don't be deceived by the colorful placemats on the table.  Those are just to distract you.  In the corner behind the table I've assembled my own little sanctuary:

Of course the only unpacked boxes happen to be enjoying my sanctuary too.

If you turn to the right you get another view of the living room from the other side.

For variety we have a light brown dresser with a bamboo style holding up the Dish TV box.  (Way too many channels for non-TV watchers like us!!)  Now turn around and take a gander down the hallway:

The brown walls and brown tile coordinate with the brown house just perfectly, don't you think?  But before you go farther, we need to look to the left into Alex's bedroom that opens right off the kitchen/living room junction.  Perfect for peaceful, quiet sleep.

Yes, there is some yellow and blue in this room, but we bring all back down to ground level with the brown bed skirt.  We don't let the color go to our heads, we promise.  But please don't tell the authorities about this:  

Pink!  Ella tries to bar Alex from the room because she is convinced it is for her and her alone.  See the problems color injects into our peaceful society?  Next up is the very serviceable laundry nook:

The shelf is far to high to reach.  It's there merely for looks.  But doesn't it look lovely?  Turning to the right we see Ella's room:

Again, those brown bed skirts keep everything in line.  Thank goodness for the efficient brown dresser.  

And finally, at the end of the hall, we come to the master bedroom.

See the door in the wall?  Easy access to the backyard!  (And the only access.)  But the plus of the room?  The closet:

If we had another child, they could sleep here comfortably.  And here's the room from the back door:

The previous occupant was so kind as to leave his own wall art: airport charts!  I love them so much I may build a frame around them.  Before we step outside let's peek in the bathroom which is behind the door on the left:

The lovely color combo of blue and orange is just the jolt I need each morning before going out and facing another brown day.

And finally the backyard:

A lovely combination of brown grass, brown fence, brown cement, and a hill that makes the entire thing somewhat unusable.  Fabulous!

But all funny quirks and joking aside, I really do love being in my own house.  I'm a little concerned about being too noisy for our duplex neighbors, but such is life.  Ella's school is less than half a mile away, and most everything is fairly nearby.  We're outside of the city amongst all the horse fields, so country living for us!  I hope you enjoyed your little tour.  Feel free to come visit sometime!


Harmony said...

You are so stinking funny. Thank you for the brown tour!!

Amy said...

My favorite? The blue and orange bathroom! Thanks for a good laugh. Hope the settling in goes well.

BlueCodeRed said...

I think you need more brown. hehehe. Hope you enjoy your new home!