Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Home Decorating

What better to do on a slow Sunday than some home decorating! I had a bunch of family pictures sitting around with no frames to put them in. So by combining a few things I managed to make a fun wall arrangement.

I stole this idea from someone else's blog, and I can't for the life of me remember where. So as always, thanks to the anonymous benefactor!

First we need our supplies.

I got the drawer pulls for a buck and change at Home Depot. You need to buy some hanger bolts (the double-sided screw on the right) in place of the one-sided screw that comes with the drawer pulls. The hanger bolts will let us screw the drawer pulls to the wall.

Next we need what we're going to hang.

I have a million pants hangers from when I was in the military. The original project I saw used the wood pants hangers, which I also have, but I liked the metals ones better. The pictures I had were in the black folders they came in from the photographer, but I'm sure you could just buy some mats and tape the picture behind them.

I used push pins to decide where I wanted everything hung.

That way I didn't have huge holes after I changed my mind and moved everything around, which I did.

And then the most important ingredient:

After screwing one end of the hanger bolts into the drawer pulls, I used my muscley arms to screw them into the wall. You could drill a hole first, but when the drill is out in the storage shed, we must make do. It wasn't hard anyways.

And that's it! Hang your pictures and enjoy!

I love that I can switch them out super easy any time I want. And it's one less bare wall I have to stare at in my house. Hooray!


Cassie and Dave said...

That is too cute! What are the frames around the pictures?

Ariella said...

Very cool. You're a genius. The pics are way cute, too.

Dasha said...

what a great idea. i have a bunch of those too. haha

Jamie and Brian said...

Very cool! I love the hanger idea and it looks unique which makes it even funner. By the way, I just finished our silhouette pictures by finding oval frames at Michaels. I know I said that they didn't have them, but they do now. They have an 11 x 14 and an 8 x 10 size in black. They were on sale 50% off on Saturday when we were shopping. They must have just been out of stock last time I was in there. I also checked Bed, Bath & Beyond over the weekend and no luck.

Andrea said...

I love that idea!! Fantastic!! I am now going to have to go and find some pants hangers!! I love the wire look too!!! LOVE IT!!!

The Galan Family said...

Very cute idea. The pictures are great. Thanks for the idea and the step by step tutorial :)

Anonymous said...

Now THAT is a great idea. I can really use this.

Sarah said...

Brilliant as usual!